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Dealing with Broken or Stuck Windows

Your windows won’t open at all?

In some cases, a window may fail to operate simply because of broken hardware. Replace the hardware and the problem is solved, right? Some situations aren’t so easy. Your window, for example, may be painted shut -- and setting it free can be a painstaking process. By carefully working a putty knife around the perimeter of the sash and breaking the paint seal between sash and frame, you can often undo the damage. For some extra leverage, try a small pry bar. In extreme cases the interior trim may have to be removed. Be advised: windows that are painted shut are often older and of poor quality. Replacement windows and patio doors are the best bet.  

Operational trouble can also stem from a warped frame and sash. Warped windows or patio doors are usually caused by house settling, which skews the rough opening where the window sits. In this case, the entire window or patio door must be removed and the opening reframed and squared. After that, the most common course of action is to insert a brand new window or door.

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