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Proudly Featuring CertainTeed for your New or Replacement Roofing

Specialty Home Products represents the CertainTeed product line and is an authorized retailer in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Call an Expert today or email us to learn how CertainTeed Roofing products can work in your home! 

A roof protects one of life's biggest investments. Yes, a home is an investment. It's real estate. It's one of life's larger financial commitments. But beyond the dollar signs, it's also the place into which you pour a great deal of time, care and energy. To help you protect an asset that's quite like no other, we offer you CertainTeeds' Luxury, Landmark Designer and Landmark Premium series shingles. Contact Specialty Home Products to speak with one of our professional representatives to discuss your choice in the CertainTeed line of roofing.

Here are just some of the quality CertainTeed roofing products we carry & install:


Image Product Colors   Warranty Category MGC
309040 Symphony™
50-years Luxury 2-20A
308581 GrandManor™
Lifetime Luxury 2-5A
308528 Centennial Slate™
Lifetime Luxury 2-2A
308521 Carriage House™
Lifetime Luxury 2-1A
309019 Presidential Shake™ TL
Lifetime Luxury 2-19A
308630 Landmark TL Impact Resistant
Lifetime Luxury 2-14A
308956 Landmark™ TL
Lifetime Luxury 2-13A
309016 Presidential Shake™ Impact Resistant
Lifetime Luxury 2-18A
309005 Presidential Shake™
Lifetime Luxury  


Image Product Colors   Warranty Category MGC
340772 Highland Slate™
Lifetime Premium Designer  
308926 Landmark™ Premium
Lifetime Premium Designer 2-11A
340520 Landmark Solaris™ IR
Lifetime Premium Designer  
317920 Landmark Solaris™

Lifetime Premium Designer 317920A
308605 Independence™
Lifetime Premium Designer 2-8A
308941 Landmark™ Special
50-years Premium Designer 2-12A
308598 Hatteras®
40-years Premium Designer 2-7A
308781 Landmark™ Plus
40-years Premium Designer  


Image Product Colors   Warranty Category MGC
318047 Landmark Canada™
40-years Designer 318047A
308747 Landmark™
30-years Designer  


Image Product Colors   Warranty Category MGC
309226 XT™ 30 IR
30-years Traditional 2-25A
309212 XT™ 30
30-years Traditional 2-24A
309143 XT™ 25
25-years Traditional 2-23A
308561 CT 20
20-years Traditional  

EnerGen™ Photovoltaic Roofing System – A Powerful Solution


Demand is growing for renewable energy sources, and there’s no source more abundant than the sun.  It is with that in mind that CertainTeed has developed a photovoltaic (PV) system that is truly the first of its kind.  The EnerGen™ Photovoltaic Solar Roofing System features integrated UNI-SOLAR® thin-film laminates that seamlessly integrate with traditional asphalt roofing shingles.
The PV laminates lie flush with the remainder of the shingles, providing a streamlined, visually appealing appearance.  By providing a more aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive roof plane with no roof penetrations, EnerGen overcomes the largest objection to the acceptance of solar panels. The EnerGen Photovoltaic Solar Roofing System offers an integrated, seamless solar solution whether homeowners are remodeling or building a new home.
  • Structurally integrated for a sleek and seamless look
  • Requires no roof penetrations
  • Lightweight, no need for structural reinforcement
  • Flexible in size to fit a multitude of roofing configurations
  • Produces energy in low and diffused light or partial shade
  • For remodeling or new construction
Unlike other photovoltaic (PV) systems on the market, EnerGen is specifically designed with roofing contractors in mind offering ease of installation.  All EnerGen systems are provided in pre-engineered kits containing all components necessary for roofing installation.  Combined with the experience of CertainTeed’s solar support team, your roofing contractor is equipped to provide customized information regarding energy generation for your home, state and local tax rebate incentives, financing options, and your estimated return on investment.
CertainTeed Energen Photovoltaic Systems are currently available in Select Areas only. 

Technical Information:

Combined with the experience of Specialty Home Products’s solar support team, your roofing contractor is equipped to provide customized information regarding energy generation and the optimal EnerGen™ system size for your home.

For more technical information specifically regarding the photovoltaic laminates or inverters, please contact Specialty Home Products of Spokane today!

No other roofing company has the expertise that Specialty Home Products does in installing the best roof on your home. Let Specialty Home Products help you with your “at home” projects. If you are looking to repair or replace your roof click here to contact a sales expert or call 509-534-8372 to speak to a roofing specialist. If you are interested in learning more about Specialty Home Products and all we have to offer email us!