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Featuring Custom-Bilt Metals for New or Replacement Metal Roofing

Specialty Home Products represents the Custom-Bilt Metals product line and is an authorized retailer in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Call an Expert today or email us to learn how Custom-Bilt Metals Roofing products can work in your home!

Custom-Bilt Metals, high-quality metal roofing and seamless rain gutter systems that stand the test of time. Products that do more than just protect your home from rain and wind. They also help you keep your house cooler and save energy.

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Standing Seam metal roofing is one of the oldest and most practical roofing solutions. Its classical look enhances the roofline of virtually any architectural style. Once installed, its dramatic shadow lines run continuously from ridge to eave, accenting the pitch and plane of every roof angle. Our Standing Seam panels can be ordered in a variety of styles, with more than two dozen Cool Roof color choices or elegant bare metals. Standing Seam panels can be roll-formed on the jobsite to eliminate damage and waste.

Often a home or commercial project can be enhanced by the natural look of bare metal rather than a coated color. We offer all of our product profiles in copper, Rheinzink® and bare Zincalume® for a traditional metal look. In true copper, these products develop a natural patina over time. There are no reflective or emissive properties to these products.

Standing Seam Roofing - Color Chart


Mechanical Standing Seam panels feature a seam that's mechanically locked into place, providing the highest degree of strength. They are available in a range of panel widths with varying seam heights.

CB-2000 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 2"
Standard Panel Widths: 14", 18"
Minimum Slope: ½:12

CB2000 Specifications
CB2000 Details & Installation Guide

CB-150 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 1.5"
Standard Panel Widths: 12", 16"
Minimum Slope: 1:12

CB150 Specifications
CB150 Details & Installation Guide

CB-100 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 1"
Standard Panel Widths: 13", 17"
Minimum Slope: 1:12

CB100 Specifications
CB100 Details & Installation Guide

Snap Lock Standing Seam panels overlap at the seam, snap and lock into place.

SL-1750 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1.75"
Standard Panel Widths: 14", 18"
Minimum Slope: 3:12

SL1750 Specifications
SL1750 Details & Installation Guide

SL-100 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1"
Standard Panel Widths: 12", 16"
Minimum Slope: 3:12

SL100 Specifications
SL100 Details & Installation Guide

SLZ-1000 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1"
Standard Panel Widths: 13", 17"
Minimum Slope: 3:12

SLZ1000 Specifications
SLZ1000 Details & Installation Guide

Snap-on batten seams lock these Standing Seam panels securely into place.

CS-100 Cap Seam

Seam Height: 1"
Standard Panel Widths: 14.5", 18.5"
Minimum Slope: 3:12

CS100 Specifications
CS100 Details & Installation Guide


Our aluminum shakes and shingles offer the rustic look of split, weathered wood. But unlike wood, they feature our Cool Roof reflective paint and can withstand winds of up to 120 mph. Lightweight, fire-resistant and made from 98% post-consumer recycled metals, our Country Manor Shakes and Rustic Shingles are locked together on all four sides to create a weather-tight seal.


For designs enhanced by a corrugated look, Custom-Bilt Metals offers corrugated roof and wall panels in two profiles. Available as a standard corrugated with a 7/8"-inch corrugation or 7.2" rib panels, both are factory fabricated and can be ordered in a variety of metal types and finishes including Bare Zincalume®, natural copper and weathering steel.

All Custom-Bilt Metals corrugated roof and wall panels use Ultra-Cool® technology by PPG® Industries that reflects more heat than virtually any other coating and will not fade. Our metal and wall panels meet LEED criteria with 25% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable.

Corrugated Panels Sale Sheet


We can help with the design and detail of our project beyond the roof. Choose wall and soffit panels in matching or accent colors to create dramatic effects in similar profile patterns. These panels offer a flush-panel interlocking seam.

WS-100 Interlocking Panels

Panel Depth: 1"
Standard Panel Width: 12"

WS100 Specifications